Holistic Period Self-Care Guide

If you read my last post, you know how important it is to take care of your body during your period! It's a very energy-demanding process and making sure you're conserving all the energy possible is going to make the process so much easier and more enjoyable!

I wanted to compile a list of my period essentials (with holistic health & the whole body in mind!) for all my ladies who are kicking butt just being baddies. ♡

Here are my holistic period essentials:

Get Cozy

Microwaveable Heat Pack: Heat is so important for encouraging proper flow and allowing your body to push out blood and tissue effectively and efficiently! Utilizing a microwaveable heat pack (not a plug-in to avoid EMF exposure) can help to bring warmth to the uterus and ease cramping while you're at it. I keep a heat pack on me 24/7 when I'm on my period!

Warming Teas: Using teas with warming herbs can be a relaxing way to bring warmth to the body during this time. Some of my favorites are:

Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Tea: the most warming spice according to TCM. Contains anti-inflammatory gingerols, boosts digestive fire, eases cramping, and increases circulation.

Yogi Organic Peach Detox Tea: has warming cinnamon bark and ginger to boost circulation, lower inflammation, and balance blood sugar. This tea is packed with detoxification-supporting herbs like burdock root, clove bud, and dandelion root. It also contains licorice root which soothes and heals an irritated or inflamed gut lining. Supporting your body with detoxifying and soothing herbs helps to ease the toxic burden and conserve important energy for your period.

A Big Fluffy Blanket: Everyone needs a comfy throw to snuggle up in with a warm cup of tea and a good Netflix documentary. This is mine!

Reflection, Rest, and Goal-Setting

Journalling: Reflection and Goal-Setting

Tapping into your increased self-awareness can be super beneficial in this time! Writing down the observations you make about yourself in this time are important -- writing it down helps to make a concrete memory in your mind that will keep you aware of these observations. This can lead to real, true self-development!

I like this journal because it's both a planner and a journal. You can make notes and make plans in your intentional journalling time.


Obviously getting good sleep during your period is going to be super helpful for rejuvenating the body.

Besides that, taking a relaxing self-care bath can really help to reduce stress.


I made a full guide with all of my self-care tips, including a special yummy bath recipe that you can soak in with a face mask to speed up recovery of your period acne spots!

You can download it here! A free gift from me to you!

Treat Yourself

Don't forget to treat yourself with some dark chocolate!

I love these organic dark chocolate and pumpkin seed thins -- pumpkin seeds and dark chocolate are high in iron which is depleted through loss of blood. And who doesn't love some chocolate on their period... duh!

Care for Yourself

Ultimately, take care of yourself, listen to your body, take time to be alone and with your closest friends and family, and don't forget to download my gift to you: a free Guide to Self-Care on Your Period! I hope you love!

If you missed my last post, take a read here! It goes in-depth about the menstrual cycle, the intricacies of our period, the energy of the menstrual cycle, traditional chinese medicine, and more!